Service goods

Our high-quality Hellmann salami features as part of the buffet on every service counter. Hellmann produces every type of raw sausage that you could dream of. Whether it’s chicken salami, premium salami, Cervelat sausage, garlic salami, turkey sausage or Mettwurst, Hellmann has it all. To lighten your load when it comes to slicing and, at the same time, make a contribution to our environment, our service goods can be obtained with or without the sausage casing.

One of our specialities is our unusual casings. In response to our customers’ requests, more than 40 Hellmann recipes have been refined with casings such as pepper, wild garlic, sesame, paprika or Mediterranean-style. Our special process means the casing remains firm when cut.

Individuality for your company. At your request, we are happy to produce salami in casings with your company logo, or according to your requirements.

It tastes good to me ...