Our commitment

We are already in our third generation, and our passion for Westphalian raw sausage specialities is still going strong. Whether smoked or air-dried – Hellmann salamis and Mettwurst sausages offer excellent quality in a variety of different flavours and shapes.

Our entire product range is exclusively produced using the natural curing process and our very own starter cultures and spice mixtures. In line with long-standing tradition, we give our Hellmann sausages plenty of time to mature. We continue to develop all of our products in ongoing processes, so our clients only get the best.

We invest a great deal of time, training and a love of detail, because a healthy diet and animal welfare are extremely important to us.

At Hellmann, we consider qualitative, social, economic, work and health protection-related responsibilities as constantly developing principles of our company tradition, and we act on this.

It tastes good to me ...