As one of the leading manufacturers of salami and raw sausages in Germany, premium quality and customer focus form the basis of our success. This is why we are willing to put ourselves under scrutiny in order to continue to maintain and develop this high level. IFS Food and Halal are incentives for the future, and certificates we aim to achieve on an annual basis.

Ongoing quality controls in the production and curing process, before shipment to the logistics centre, are subject to the highest requirements. Every day, we give our very best to you, our client, and assume responsibility for doing so. Each one of our employees operates in line with our company’s incredibly high quality consciousness according to national and international requirements.

Our plant management and quality management department ensure that all measures are taken to maintain and further develop the familiar premium quality of Hellmann salami.

IFS Food Certificate

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Halal Certificat Page 1

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Halal Certificate Page 2

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