Halal-Certificate 2016

Our halal range includes different kinds of turkey- and beef salami, also sliced ​​salami in 500 g or 100 g packages.

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Mrs. Xenia Riepe, telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-13

E-Mail: x.riepe [at] hellmann-salami.de


Mrs. Kathrin Volmer, telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-15

E-Mail: k.volmer [at] hellmann-salami.de



IFS Certificate, April 2016

IFS Food includes following areas:

Production of sliceable and spreadable raw sausages as well as boiled sausages, sliced or as piece goods, lose or packaged (MAP, vacuum or handle protected)

- excluded are "cooked sausages", also pasteurized in cans and raw cured / matured products


Product scope: 1 – meat, poultry und meat products : B, C, D, E, F* 




IFS higher level Certificate 2015

The audit scope:

Production and packaging of raw sausages, cut and packed as pieces, with and without artificial or natural casings, MAP-, vacuum- or grip protected-packing (excluded are cooked / boiled sausages)

Product Scope: 1 – Meat, poultry and meat products

Technology Scope: C, D, E, F* meet the requirements set out in the IFS Food Version 6,April 2014 at Higher Level with a score of 96,85 %!

Best german quality from Hellmann!




At the highest level of quality management

Hellmann selects all suppliers according to strictly defined quality, hygiene and safety aspects, which go far beyond the legal requirements. We understand, that the selection of high-quality, safe ingredients is the first building block for quality premium products. That we deliver the finest salami products with excellent taste is confirmed every time by our stringent quality tests. We are fully aware of our responsibility – we owe this to our customers.

Within the production given checkpoints guarantee a high-level of security in a cross-processing workflow, following a strict HACCP concept.

Due to consistent control and the exact choice of all ingredients, which are clearly defined by our quality management, we regularly face tests by independent auditing institutions and measure up to the requirements of national and international standards (International Food Standards – IFS / Organic Certification).

The outstanding quality of our products has meant that we have been awarded on several occasions with the quality certificate "Prize for the Best" by the DLG (German Association of Agriculture). This renowned certificate is only given to companies who demonstrate highest quality standards in their production processes over many years.