NEW! Chickensalami "Napoli" with vegetable fat

Our new chicken salami "Napoli" is made of tender chicken and turkey meat.

As this product is 100% pork-free, vegetable fat replaces pork fat from sustainable production.

The coating of an exquisite, Mediterranean herbal spice mixture and delicious cheese flakes make this special and unforgettable taste.


low fat poultry salami with spicy herbal coating (beef gelatine)

Pure poultry

possible as Halal

Smoked with beech wood

Low calories, for a healthy nutrition and conscious enjoyment without sacrificing taste


April 2018

IFS Certification 2017

IFS Food includes following areas:

Production of raw sausage (sliceable, spreadable), sliced/cut and packed or in one piece without packing or packed (MAP,vacuumized, handle protected) additionally: outsourced processes / products

product scope 1. red and white meat, poultry and meat products technology scopes C, D, E, F

New products at Hellmann

Bünde, Summer/Autumn 2016: 

Our new range of specially coated Turkeysalami with beef for the service counter, a Hellmann highlight, offer extraordinary coverings of exotic herbs and spices.

The practical size of approx. 700 g for the service counter ensures easy handling, staying fresh and delicious.

No added gluten and lactose.


IFS Certification, April 2016

IFS Certification 2016

IFS Food includes following areas:

Production of sliceable and spreadable raw sausages as well as boiled sausages, sliced or as piece goods, lose or packaged (MAP, vacuum or handle protected) - excluded are "cooked sausages", also pasteurized in cans and raw cured / matured products


Product scope: 1 – meat, poultry und meat products : B, C, D, E, F* 



HALAL-Certificate 2015

The entire Hellmann team is pleased about the newly acquired halal certification.  

Our halal range includes different kinds of turkey- and beef salami, also sliced ​​salami in 500 g or 100 g packages. Do you have further questions or are you looking for a specific product?

Please do not hesitate to give us a call, we look forward to your request. 


Your contact persons:

Mrs. Xenia Riepe, telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-13

E-Mail: x.riepe [at]


Mrs. Kathrin Volmer, telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-15

E-Mail: k.volmer [at]

IFS Certification higher Level, March 2015

Again Hellmann is IFS certified in category higher level.

We passed the requirements with 96,85 %.


For more information please contact:

Xenia Riepe, Telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-13

E-Mail: x.riepe [at]


Kathrin Volmer, Telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-15

E-Mail: k.volmer [at]

Salami-Mixed platter for bulk-consumers

A quadruple or a triple sliced assortment is now available in 500 g packages for bulk consumers.

Simply choose your selection of our most popular products from our special offer as listed below:






Turkey-Salami with bacon

Turkey-Salami with vegetable fat






For more information please contact:

Mrs. Xenia Riepe, Telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-13

E-Mail: x.riepe [at]


Mrs. Kathrin Volmer, Telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-15

E-Mail: k.volmer [at]




The sausage without a casing provides an optimal return on investment from the fi rst to the last slice.
Easier and faster to slice at the counter, it also saves time and money and customers can be served more effi ciently.

The ends are also specially shaped to ensure less waste and no time is wasted in removing or disposing of the casing. The practically packed units (1.1 kg) for the meat counter enable easy handling and, as a result of the smaller units, Hellmann salami stays fresh and mouth-watering.

• minimal wastage due to extra small ends
• easy and quick slicing at the counter
• save time and money at counter; quicker customer service
• optimal package sizes and easier handling
• maximum of freshness: smaller packages
• no disposal of casing required