Healthy Indulgence

Hellmann processes exclusively the very best raw materials and believes in offering great tasting products suitable for a healthy diet. Your well-being is important to us!

• No Flavour enhancers
• All products are gluten and lactose free
• Pure Poultry products with unsaturated vegetable fat,
   and Omega-3 fatty acids
• Use of our own starter cultures and spice mixes                                                                                   


Healthy breakfast for our children

Unfortunately people have forgotten how to eat a balanced and healthy diet. There are already good projects in schools where children learn about a healthy breakfast. We, the Hellmann company start even earlier - in nursery schools, helping to establish healthy breakfast routines. 

For many years we have supported regional nursery schools to provide healthy foods for our children. Because of the popularity of this project it will be developed further. "For children to learn about a healthy and balanced diet at a young age is close to our hearts. We will continue to work actively on this project ", says Jan-Frederik Hellmann,CEO. It would be a pleasure for us to come to you and assist or answer your questions. We are there for teachers, parents and the children!

Your contact person: Renate Hagena
Telephone: +49 (5223) 99427-18